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Six ways ILDA Members make better shows

Our Members add impact to shows with the purest, most brilliant light in the universe

Proven experience as an ILDA Professional accredited company

ILDA helps keep shows safe and legal; free safety software for Members

Customers buy with confidence when backed by the Code of Ethics

The world’s best laser shows, at the yearly meeting of the world’s best laserists

Using new technologies and developing industry-wide standards

Our Members add impact to shows with the purest, most brilliant light in the universe

Proven experience as an ILDA Professional accredited company

ILDA helps keep shows safe and legal; free safety software for Members

Customers buy with confidence when backed by the Code of Ethics

The world’s best laser shows, at the yearly meeting of the world’s best laserists

Using new technologies and developing industry-wide standards

2019 ILDA Awards competition now open. Deadline: March 31

It is now ILDA Awards entry season! Get your videos ready, and download the Awards rules and entry form.

There are three main categories of awards: Artistic, Technical and Career Achievement:

  • For the Artistic Awards, only ILDA Members may enter.
  • For the Technical Awards, anyone may enter the ILDA Digital Network Standards category; only ILDA Members may enter the General category.
  • For Career Achievement, only ILDA Members may make a CAA nomination; however, any person may be nominated (they do not have to be an ILDA Member).

Full details are on the Enter the 2019 ILDA Awards page.

The deadline for submission is Sunday, March 31 2019.

ILDA Members can attend ILSC 2019 at discounted rate

The Laser Institute of America holds the next every-two-years International Laser Safety Conference on March 18-21 2019 near Orlando and Walt Disney World.

ILDA is a Cooperating Society, and so ILDA Members receive the discounted LIA member registration rate.

Early registration is $775 for LIA (and ILDA) members through January 14, 2019. This is for the full conference; multi-day and single-day registration is also available.

Here is a link to the discount code that gives ILDA Members the discounted LIA rate: This page is password-protected so only current ILDA Members can access it.


ILSC is “a comprehensive four-day conference covering all aspects of laser safety practice and hazard control. Scientific sessions will address developments in regulatory, mandatory and voluntary safety standards for laser products and for laser use. The Practical Applications Seminars (PAS) complement the Scientific Sessions by exploring everyday scenarios that the LSO and MLSO may encounter. Professionals in all fields and applications will find ILSC a tremendous source for information and networking opportunities.”

While most of ILSC is about medical, research, industrial and military laser safety, there are usually three or four papers about laser display and consumer lasers (pointers). There also is a joint meeting of the ANSI Z136.10 committee working on safety standards for laser display.

In past years, laser display industry attendees have included ILDA’s Executive Director and the Safety Committee chair (who have frequently presented papers), plus ILDA Members wanting to attend sessions, work on ANSI Z130.10, and network with laser safety experts.

Note that there are no laser safety officer courses taught at ILSC. Instead, it is a scientific conference with educational sessions and papers being delivered and discussed.

For more information, visit the Laser Institute of America’s ILSC website.

Successful Montréal ILDA Conference, hosted by LaserTech Canada, concludes on Nov. 12

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Montréal Conference attendees after the Awards Banquet and Presentation on November 12. The Conference featured laser safety classes, the ILDA Business Meeting, Advanced Technology Workshop, IDN seminar, Artistic seminar, Awards seminar, the Lase-Off, the Laser Jockey competition, the ILDA Awards, and an all-day cultural city tour, as well as many informal laser demonstrations and collegial discussions. Photo courtesy Theo Petrides.

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ILDA Conference attendees watch a beam show during the Lase-Off, held the night before the Awards Presentation. No ILDA DB-25 cables were used; the entire setup used the new ILDA Digital Network to send signals to the LaserAnimation SOLLINGER projectors. It was even possible to record the live Laser Jockey performances and play them back the next night at the Awards. Conference host: LaserTech Canada; thanks to Dirk Apitz for the IDN devices.

2018 ILDA Award winners announced

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The 2018 ILDA Awards booklet, a 64-page PDF document, has details of all the awards. A link is on the 2018 Awards page.

The 2018 ILDA Award winners were announced at a gala presentation November 12, 2018 — the finale of the ILDA Conference in Montréal.

Congratulations to all winners, and especially to the recipient of ILDA's highest honor, Glenn Thomas, the 2018 Career Achievement Award winner. His acceptance speech and a list of all the award winners are at the 2018 Awards page.

A PDF booklet containing all the 2018 ILDA Award winners is now online. It contains a list of all the winners along with a description of each winning entry.

Also, a compilation video is now at YouTube. It has short excerpts from each of the winners, giving a good overview of the best laser shows in the world. Click the image below to watch the video on this page.

If you can’t play the video: Because of copyright claims on some audio tracks, the video may not play on phones or other devices, or may not be available in your country. If you cannot play the above video, try a version with copyright-claimed audio removed. About six Award winners will have no audio.

The 25-minute 2017 ILDA Award winners compilation video includes work from the three top shows in each of these categories:

Corporate Show
Live TV Show
Edited Film / TV / Video
Laser Show with Added Effects/Multimedia
Planetarium Show
Nightclub / Disco / Music Festival Show
Live Stage Show
Laser Fine Art
Beams and Screen Show
Graphics Show
Abstract Show
Beams/Atmospherics Show for a Single X-Y Scanner Pair
Beams/Atmospherics Show for Multiple Scanner Projectors
Laser Photography
Fenning Award for Technical Achievement
Fenning ILDA Digital Network Standards Technical Achievement Award

2016 and 2015 ILDA Award videos

We also have the 2016 and 2015 ILDA Award compilation videos. Each one is about 20-25 minutes long, and has the best shows from those years.

2016 ILDA Awards compilation

And, if you want to see each 2016 winner as it was entered (up to 4 minutes maximum), go to the
ILDA YouTube playlists, and click on the “2016 ILDA Awards”. Every winning video is available at its full entered length.

2015 ILDA Awards compilation

Fascinating laser history book now online

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Glenn Thomas at the console of the Laserium® Light Synthesizer

ILDA is pleased to publish the online version of Glenn Thomas' book "The Laserium® Laserist: The Greatest Job on Earth."

The book is a fascinating look at the pioneering efforts that first brought the beauty of laser light to wide audiences.

In the early 1970's, filmmaker Ivan Dryer created the first permanent laser light show, Laserium®, at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. It dazzled audiences there for 28 years.

Glenn Thomas's book describes the technical and artistic efforts that go into a Laserium® show. It was a constant battle with the technical limitations of the unwieldy krypton-ion laser. And without computer assistance, almost all of the show was performed live each night by a new artist, the "laserist."

We hope ILDA Members and the general public will enjoy this account from a person who loved his work and felt, as so many of us do, that being a laserist is "the greatest job on earth."

ILDA thanks Glenn Thomas for permission to put this online, the ILDA Board for supporting Glenn and this book, and the current holder of the Laserium® trademark, Tim Zigenbein of LumaLaser Inc and

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