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ILDA Trade Show: Lights, Fog,
Lasers and More
By David Lytle

It was a dark and foggy room, filled with bright shafts of laser light dancing overhead, a bubbling tank of water and the sounds of pop music and arcade games. The ILDA Trade Show in Orlando gave visitors more than just a chance  to inspect an endless array of products, it was also time to see great laser shows and play with high-tech toys.

My personal favorites on the floor: Melles Griot’s bubbling aquarium featuring a fully submerged and fully operating YAG laser; Omicron Laserage’s new DPSS laser with the most stylish package design I’ve ever seen for a laser; and an Asteroids arcade game projected in  laser light by the new Colorburst laser.

But enough with play—here’s the business rundown of all the exhibitors at the November trade show. Contact the companies directly for more information.

Cambridge Technology: The display industry’s most popular scanner manufacturer exhibited its line of high-speed scanners and driver cards. (+1) 617-441-0600;

HB-Laserkomponenten: This German firm displayed its new LightCube laser, a high-performance DPSS laser that can produce up to ten watts of green light. The LightCube features both TTL and analog modulation and comes with the laser and power supply integrated into a single compact housing. Also on display was HB’s Apollo SuperMicro scan amplifier, claimed to be the world’s smallest dual scanner amplifier.(+49) 7171-61107;

Laser Entertainment/Laser System Europe: The star of this booth was the new Medium laser, a 2-watt green DPSS unit designed and priced with laser display companies in mind. The laser features a low-divergence, 2mm beam and can be upgraded to 5 Watts. The Medium laser is a joint product of Laser Entertainment of Milan and Laser System Europe, based in Brussels, Belgium.
(+39) 2-27007064;
(+32) 2/331-11-02; 

Laser Fantasy International: LFI showcased its FantaCD line of  award-winning laser artwork, and an Infinity 2000 YAG laser available for rental. Called the SpaceCase, LFI’s self-contained 40-watt rental YAG touring system comes in its own road case and is equipped with a sidescan projector, heat exchangers and control electronics. (+1) 425-644-2777;

Laserlight Showdesign: The latest version of Laserlight ShowControl was available for test-driving at this booth. The software gives Pangolin users an easy-to-use method for assembling and replaying shows.(+49) 30 49 76 0-76;

Laserpromotions b.v.: This Dutch company was displaying its line of optical modules: self-contained units that can be plugged together to create a sophisticated laser projection system with virtually no alignment worries. (+31) 71-531-5561;

Lighting Systems Design Inc.: Onlookers gathered around the LSDI booth to examine a functioning RGB solid-state laser. The prototype projector used red, blue and green Melles Griot lasers to produce full-color laser output. (+1) 407-299-9504;

Logic Systems Inc.: The company’s new DMX decoder and driver cards were on display, including new multi-channel high current analog driver cards, and a low-cost 8-channel relay output card.  
(+1) 916-387-5661;

MDG Fog Generators: There was no shortage of fog in the trade show area, thanks to the MDG booth. The Canadian company was showing it’s newest product, the Ice Fog Compact, an ultra-quiet fogger with adjustable output and the ability to generate huge amounts of white fog. (+1) 514-272-6040;

Melles Griot Laser Group: This booth had perhaps the most eye-catching display at the trade show: a fully operating Melles Griot DPSS laser head submerged in a bubbling ten-gallon aquarium tank. The bright green beam kept shining throughout the show, backing up the company’s claim that their new laser is hermetically sealed and impervious to dust or water. (+1) 760-438-2131;

NEOS Technologies: NEOS displayed PCAOM products that modulate the color and intensity of laser displays.
(+1) 321-676-9020;

NewAje Laser: Toys for laserists was the theme for NewAje Laser. Everything from flashing LED lights to vapor-producing guns was on display. A second NewAje booth featured the Colorburst laser by Lumalaser. Visitors could watch eye-popping laser shows and play the Asteroids arcade game projected in real-time by the new laser. The Colorburst is an air-cooled RGB projector that runs off 120vac
(+1) 805-583-0244;

Omicron Laserage Laserprodukte: Omicron’s newest laser was on display, a compact DPSS that produces up to 5 Watts. The FK-LA 3000/5000 laser comes in a stylish package complete with an easy grip handle for portability. It is digitally modulated up to 25kHz. Omicron says it “eats any power you can feed it,” including operating from a car battery. (+49)  6106-8224-0:

OmniSistem Lights and Effects: Omnisistem’s booth was shooting out shafts of bright green light throughout the trade show area. On display was the Laser Quantum line of solid-state lasers, OmniSistem’s own line of laser diodes, plus associated projector hardware. (+1) 253-395-9500;

Pangolin Laser Systems: Pangolin was showing its latest additions to Lasershow Designer 2000. Visitors could watch laser shows, see demos and test new software features. Audio Visual Imagineering also set up two of its LaserGlobe projectors at the Pangolin booth. They are 10-inch diameter orbs with internal laser projectors.
(+1) 407-299-2088;

Space Coast Lasers: A variety of new and refurbished lasers and hardware components were available for sale.
(+1) 888-831-1353;



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Submerged Melle Griot laser provides underwater laser displ;ay for ILDA Trade Show.



Patrick Dietzel graps of handful of YAG lasers on the trade show  floor.



Jim Hardawy of OmniSistem helps a customer while green beams fill the exhibit area.



Ralf Schlotter from Omicron Laserage demonstrates an new YAG laser with it's own carrying handle.



New Colorburst laser proejcts Asteroids arcade game, which could be played in real-time.