• Join us in Bratislava in 2017

  • Join us in Bratislava in 2017

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KVANT will be hosting the 2017 ILDA Conference in Bratislava, Slovakia.

The dates are as follows:

     • Sun, 5 Nov: Laser Operator Class, Advanced Audience Scanning Class (both optional extras)
     • Mon, 6 Nov: LSO course (optional). The first official Full Conference event is the Welcome Cocktail Reception and Dinner which will start in the late afternoon or early evening.
     • Tues, 7 Nov: ILDA General Business Meeting, Advanced Technology Workshop. Lase-Off & Laser Jockey competition.
     • Wed, 8 Nov: Workshops and seminars, ILDA Awards Banquet and Presentation.
     • Thu, 9 Nov: Cultural Tour (optional), bus tour of Bratislava city sites

As we begin to plan schedules and events, additional information will be listed on this page.

If you are curious about what goes on at a conference, below is the schedule from 2016 in Baltimore (click to enlarge).

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Bratislava is centrally located in Europe. It is on the Danube River, less than an hour from Vienna by automobile and about two hours from Budapest.

For U.S. travelers, it is best to fly into Vienna (VIE in Schwechat, Austria) then take a bus or train to Bratislava. For example, there is a RegioJet bus from VIE to the Bratislava Most SNP (Novy most) station located a 5-minute walk from the Radisson Blu Carlton hotel. It takes approximately 45 minutes and costs just €5.

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Photo by Flickr user Klearchos Kapoutsis, CC by 2.0, cropped from original

Radisson Blu Carlton Hotel

The official conference hotel, the Radisson Blu Carlton embodies the grace, charm and elegance of centuries past. Welcome to one of the most prestigious buildings in the heart of Bratislava, originally constructed in 1837. The hotel retains many of its original features to provide you with a unique and memorable hotel stay.

It is one block from the Danube River, convenient to many of the popular attractions in the city. The hotel sits directly across from the historic Opera House, nearly midway between the Slovak National Theatre and St. Martin’s Cathedral. It is the perfect base for business and leisure travelers.

Whether by taxi or via the efficient bus, tram and trolley networks, guests find Bratislava easy to explore. The city airport is just 13 kilometers from the hotel, the Vienna International Airport is 62 km away. Other transport options include railways and regional bus lines. Hydrofoil ferries provide memorable passage to or from Vienna with a 2-hour cruise along the blue Danube.

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Room rates and ILDA Conference registration

As of February 2017, we do not have room rates, or the ILDA Conference registration fees. Please check back later in early 2017.

Full Conference and Spouse/Guest registration

     • Full Conference registration includes all meals, welcome reception, Lase-Off, Awards, business meetings, seminars, and workshops.
     • Spouse/Guest registration is similar but does not include any business meetings, seminars or workshops. A Spouse/Guest is defined as a person staying in the same room as a Full Conference registrant.

Full Conference and Spouse/Guest registrations do NOT include any laser safety classes or the Cultural Tour, which are separate Conference events. Also, Full Conference and Spouse/Guest registrations do NOT include hotel room reservations, which are made separately with the Radisson Blu Carlton hotel.

ILDA General Business Meeting

     • Attendance at the General Business Meeting on Tuesday 7 November is free for current ILDA Members. This event is where votes are taken for ILDA Board Members and for ILDA President, and where association business is discussed and voted on. If you wish to attend only the Business Meeting, you do not need to register for the Full Conference. However, you must register in advance for the Business Meeting at the Event Registration page. This event will be visible only to current ILDA Members (it will not appear on the list of events for non-members).

Individual Conference event tickets
(for those without Full Conference or Spouse/Guest registration)

     • Lase-Off/Laser Jockey dinner and event only, Tuesday 7 November, cost to be determined

     • Awards Banquet and Presentation only, Wednesday, November 8, cost to be determined

Laser Safety Education classes (pre-Conference)

     • Optional Laser Operator Safety, Sunday 5 November, 9:00 - 13:00. Basic lightshow safety, for persons working around lasers or who are operating lasers for lightshows and displays. Cost to be determined.

     • Optional Audience Scanning Safety, Sunday 5 November, 13:00 - 18:00. How to do safe, legal and effective audience scanning at laser lightshows. For both operators and show designers. Prior laser safety experience or courses are recommended. Cost to be determined.

     • Optional Laser Safety Officer for U.S. Lightshows, Monday 6 November, 9:00 - 18:00. This covers laser shows only -- no medical, industrial or other non-lightshow laser usage. While European and international regulations are discussed, the majority of the regulatory discussion is on U.S. laser and aviation issues. To take this class, you must have prior laser show experience, or have taken ILDA's Laser Operator Safety course. If you have questions whether you are ready for this class, contact ILDA. More info is at the LSO course page. Cost to be determined.

Cultural Tour (post-Conference)

     • Optional Bus Tour of Bratislava, Thursday 9 November, Cost to be determined (ILDA Member, non-member, spouse or guest — all the same).

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