Audience scanning tips

When you scan an audience, their eye safety is in your hands. In addition, your reputation could be on the line.

Just one claim of injury could be devastating to your business. Remember, it is up to you to prove that you were at safe, known levels. Video recording, as mentioned below, also provides evidence of the laser's locations and exposure during the show.

     • If you are unsure about how to create a safe show, or how to measure the beam power -- DON'T DO AUDIENCE SCANNING. Get the information you need before you expose the audience.

     • If you are doing audience scanning shows, the information below gives some tips and suggestions. (For general information on how to measure the beam power, and on the MPE levels, see the page How to do safe audience scanning.)

Irradiance measurements to be required for ILDA Awards

Beginning with the 2017 ILDA Awards, all entries with human exposure must include contemporaneous measurements or calculations of the lasers’ irradiance at the point of closest human contact. “Contemporaneous” means that the measuring or calculating was done before the laser show started. This can help ensure that Awards entries are done at a known, safe and legal irradiance level.

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