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We encourage ILDA Members to advertise their membership. Use the ILDA Member logo to let the world know that you are a laser professional, supporting safe and effective shows, and that you subscribe to the ILDA Code of Ethics.

ILDA logo usage
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The ILDA logo is a trademark which is reserved for use by ILDA, for official ILDA business. It cannot be used for products, companies or individuals, or for other non-ILDA purposes.

“ILDA Member” logo usage
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Current, paid-up ILDA Members are permitted to use "ILDA Member" logos such as the ones shown here, to indicate their membership. We have provided logo artwork for Members.

“ILDA Professional” logo usage
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Some ILDA Members have gone through a review process, to be approved as an "ILDA Accredited Professional Lasershow Company." A list of such companies is here.

IAPLC companies may display the ILDA Professional logo.

If accreditation expires or is withdrawn, the company must stop using the IAPLC logo. See below for policy on using expired logos. (Note that the company may continue using the regular ILDA Member logos shown above if they are a current, valid Member).

IAPLC companies wishing to obtain the logo should contact ILDA.

ILDA logos — Permitted and prohibited uses

Here are examples of permitted and prohibited uses of the ILDA and ILDA Member logos. If you have specific questions, contact ILDA.

Logo usage by ILDA Corporate and Nonprofit Members

  • It IS permitted for Corporate and Nonprofit members to use the ILDA Member logo on advertisting, brochures, websites and other promotional material. The logo must be used only to indicate membership, as discussed below.

Logo usage by ILDA Individual and Student Members

  • It IS permitted for Individual or Student members to use the ILDA Member logo on personal websites or other non-commercial material or purposes.
  • It IS permitted for Individual and Student members to use the ILDA Member logo if you are a freelancer selling your own services, in a one-person company or consultancy.
  • It IS NOT permitted for Individual or Student members to use the ILDA Member logo for selling products, or for selling services of a company with more than one person, or for other commercial material or purposes. This is because these two categories of membership are not for commercial (selling/promotional) use.

Do not use logos after ILDA Membership has expired

  • It IS NOT permitted to continue to use the ILDA Member logo once membership has expired. (Of course, we hope members will renew each year and not have to worry about this!)
  • If membership has expired, the logo must be removed from websites and any new material printed or produced after expiration. It is acceptable to continue to use old printed material within a reasonable time such as one to two years after membership expiration.

Do not use logos for products or advertising

  • It IS NOT permitted to put any ILDA logo on a product or advertising for a product, unless 1) it is the ILDA Member logo AND 2) it is next to the ILDA member's name, thus clearly indicating that the ILDA Member logo goes with the member's name and not with the product.
  • It IS NOT permitted to use any ILDA logo or ILDA's name to imply that a product is somehow approved or certified by ILDA.
  • It IS NOT permitted to use any ILDA logo to indicate a product has an ILDA-compatible connector. This is an unapproved use of the logo with a product. (You CAN state in text that the connector is "ILDA compatible" with a small "c" on "compatible". See below.)

ILDA name usage

Anyone may use the name "ILDA" in a general way related to the association. But it is not permitted to use the name ILDA in a specific way to imply a particular product or approval, or as part of a domain name used commercially.

ILDA has taken action against infringing companies, including having multiple auctions pulled from eBay under the Verified Rights Owner Program. We will also use ICANN's UDRP policy to revoke domain names infringing on ILDA's rights.

  • It IS acceptable to state in text that a product has "an ILDA-compatible connector" -- this is a general use of the association's name. Note that the "c" in "compatible" must be lower case.
  • It IS NOT permitted to state that a connector is "ILDA Compatible" -- this is a specific use where the capital "C" implies that there is some sort of official compatibility certificate or program.
  • It IS NOT permitted to use the name "ILDA" in association with third-party products or services. A name such as "ILDALASER" or "ILDA SHOW SOFTWARE" would not be permitted. Any exceptions to this policy would need approval in writing from ILDA for the usage.
  • It IS NOT permitted to use domain names that include "ILDA", such as ILDALASER.COM or MYILDA.COM if the websites are used to promote commercial lasershow-related activities or if they imply approval or control by ILDA. This falls under the ICANN UDRP section 4.b.iv ("creating a likelihood of confusion ... as to the source sponsorship, affiliation, or endorsement of your website")
  • It IS permitted to use domain names that include "ILDA" if they are primarily non-commercial, such as links to various lasershow-related resources, and if it is clear that the domains are not sponsored by, affiliated with, or endorsed by the International Laser Display Association. The domain usage must conform to ICANN UDRP policies, specifically sections 4.a and 4.b.

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