How the Codes help protect consumers

ILDA’s Code of Ethics and Code of Business Practice govern how Members should treat each other, and their customers and clients. If you are buying from an ILDA Member, here's how the Codes can help:

     • Living up to the Codes means that a company pledges to accurately represent its products and services.

     • If there is a problem, the company will work with you to resolve the problem.

     • If you and the company still cannot resolve it, then you can file an Ethics Complaint with ILDA. We will then work to resolve the problem to everyone's satisfaction.

Fortunately, the majority of cases end happily, with the customer/client being satisfied with the outcome. But in the few cases where a company has continued to violate the Codes, ILDA has temporarily or permanently removed the company as an ILDA Member.

This is important: If a company is not currently listed in our online membership list, but they still use the ILDA Member logo, you should be wary -- the Codes would no longer apply.

Please note that the Codes govern a Member's business behavior. They are NOT a warranty that the product or service complies with any particular quality level or standard. It is still up to you to decide whether the Member's product or service meets your needs.

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