Winter 2018/2019 The Laserist magazine

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The Laserist is ILDA’s magazine. The most recent issue came out in early February 2019. Copies were mailed to all ILDA Members with a mailing address in our database.

Click on the cover image to download a PDF version of this issue.

These are the stories in this issue:

About ILDA
2018 ILDA Award winners
President’s message
Directory of ILDA Members
LOBO connects old and new towers in historic Rottweil, Germany
Entertainment event laser safety considerations
2018 ILDA Award winners in the Laser Photography category
Traditional Thai shadow art meets modern laser light
Lighting buildings with laser light
SELEM - A laser enthusiasts' paradise
Changes in the laser projector market

2017 The Laserist magazine

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The November 2017 issue of The Laserist was distributed at the 2017 ILDA Conference in Bratislava, and at the 2017 LDI lighting trade show in Las Vegas. Copies were also mailed to all ILDA Members with a mailing address in our database.

Click on the cover image to download a PDF version of this issue.

These are the stories in this issue:

About ILDA
President’s message
Directory of ILDA Members
How one company is helping change the face of the laser industry (profile of ER Productions)
How LaserNet integrated lasers into a major Florida theme park
“They’re gonna put me in the movies” by Mike Gould, Illuminatus Laser
LOBO supplies show solution for grand amphitheater in Senise, Italy
New laser system for Miami’s new planetarium (from LaserNet)
Planetarium Hamburg reopening with a new state-of-the-art laser system from LOBO
Understanding why laser shows must be safe
Laser show safety app from James Stewart
ILDA Awards: Memories of the first ten years by Tim Walsh
2017 ILDA Award winners in the Laser Photography category

Other past Laserist issues

At ILDA's office we have copies of all printed issues of The Laserist. If you are doing research or otherwise need access, contact ILDA.

Here are issues or articles that we have digital copies of (besides those listed above):

Fall 1999, selected articles having to do with scanners - ZIP containing HTM and GIF files
Summer 2000, selected articles - HTML file
Winter 2000, selected articles - HTML file
February 2001, selected articles about Laserium including closing of the Griffith Planetarium, and performing with the L.A. Philharmonic - HTML file
August 2002, selected articles - HTML file
Spring 2003, article about ILDA Trade Show in Orlando and new products - HTML file
June 2003, selected articles including ILDA's first website starting up - HTML file
June 2004, article about lasers and ILDA's booth at the Rimini trade fair - HTML file
February 2005 The Laserist magazine - PDF
March 2006 The Laserist magazine - PDF
August 2008 The Laserist magazine - PDF

Submit press releases, articles and ads to The Laserist magazine

ILDA will be publishing The Laserist magazine, coming November 2017 in time for the ILDA Conference and the LDI show in Las Vegas. It will be produced in print (32 full-color pages) as well as an online version.

We are now soliciting editorial and advertising material from Members:

  • Editorial material can include press releases, photos, articles — especially on technical subjects — and story suggestions. We cannot guarantee publication, but we will consider all submissions. Deadline for editorial submissions is September 1. Word count is 500-750 words per page depending on the size and number of any accompanying photos. To submit editorial material, contact us via email at ILDA. Editorial material is submitted to ILDA.
  • Advertising provides a targeted way to reach laser show producers, persons buying laser show equipment and software, and those considering hiring laser show companies. Deadline for ad reservations is September 1; deadline for ad submission is September 15. To reserve ad space, click here for the publisher’s ad site. Ads are submitted to the publisher, EM Consulting.

This is a unique opportunity to be in the only lasershow-specific magazine in the world! Reach clients, buyers and ILDA Members with the 2017 Laserist magazine.

For more information, visit our other ILDA websites:

Stacks Image 11369 Membership database and event management, including joining ILDA
Stacks Image 11372 Information about safe laser shows, including laws, regulations, checklists, and more

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