Lasershow Safety - Basic Principles


This document lists basic principles of laser show safety. It not complete and must not be relied on exclusively to create a safe laser show. (For more information on laser safety, see this page which has detailed articles and web links.)

ILDA requires each Member and IAPLC "ILDA Professional" company doing laser shows to affirm that they have read, understand and acknowledge the laser show safety basics below.

Who this document is for

The document uses "I" and "me". In general, "I" and "me" can refer to anyone reading the document who has laser show safety responsibilities.

For ILDA's purposes, "I" and "me" refers to the ILDA Member who affirms the laser show safety basics.

     • For Corporate and Nonprofit Members, the person affirming is a corporate owner or officer, who is signing on behalf of the corporation or organization. "I" and "me" refers to anyone working for the Member who has laser safety responsibility.
       Although Members' employees do not have to read this specific document, if they work with lasers they should be aware of the information in this document.

     • For Individual and Student Members, the person affirming is the Member.

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