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Recordings of the 2021 Conference

The 2021 ILDA Cloud Conference took place in November, online via Zoom. Links to videos of many of the sessions are on the page
"Videos of the 2021 ILDA Conference" which is password protected — only Members can view this page.

ILDA Members can view Zoom recordings of these sessions:

  • Pandemic Update, with Michael Strickland of Bandit Lites (50 minutes)
  • Kickoff Discussion (35 minutes)
  • U.S. FDA officials - how to and what's new (1 hr 48 minutes)
  • U.S. FAA official - how to and what's new (40 minutes)
  • New York State lasershow requirements (55 minutes)
  • Artistic Seminar A, first session (2 hours)
  • ILDA General Business Meeting (1 hour 40 minutes)
  • Event Safety Alliance Seminar (45 minutes)
  • ILDA Awards Seminar (30 minutes)
  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee (25 minutes)
  • ILDA Digital Network (IDN) Seminar (1 hour 50 minutes)
  • Advanced Technology Workshop (new products, processes - 1 hour 40 minutes)
  • ILDA Career Achievement Award Presentation: Fred Fenning (17 minutes)
  • Post-Awards reception and discussion of early lasers (1 hour 35 minutes)
  • Artistic Seminar B, second session (3 hours)
  • Improving ILDA: SWOT Analysis (55 minutes)

The rest of the page below is left as it was just before the Conference. It includes full schedule and event information.

2021 ILDA Cloud Conference via Zoom

Fri-Sat-Sun, November 5-6-7

(Some events occur Sat-Sun-Mon, November 6-7-8 in some time zones)

With the rise of the delta variant of COVID, ILDA won't be able to have an in-person Conference this year. Instead, our 2021 Conference destination is, once again … the Cloud!

Yes, we will be having a virtual conference using Zoom videoconferencing to get together. The three Zoom links, for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, are listed below.

While we all will miss seeing friends and colleagues in person, the Cloud Conference also makes travel much easier as well as making costs much, much lower.

At USD $77 for early registration ($99 after October 15), it costs much less to attend the Cloud Conference than an in-person Conference … plus there are no travel or hotel expenses.

Most of our traditional Conference activities translate to the Cloud. In addition, the video stream will be on most of the time throughout the 2-1/2 day event, so attendees can informally meet and run their own shows. It's the virtual version of meeting after hours at the bar!

(By the way, we are still on target — future COVID restrictions allowing — to have our 2022 Conference in London hosted by ER Productions, and to be in Atlantic Beach, NC in 2023 hosted by Emerald Owl Productions.)

Countdown to the Cloud Conference start


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