• Rules for the Laser Jockey cloud competition

  • Rules for the Laser Jockey cloud competition

Purpose and format

The purpose of this competition is to find the best live laser jockey at the ILDA Cloud Conference.

Entrants must be current ILDA Members who are registered for the Full Stream ILDA Cloud Conference.

During the LJ competition, each Laser Jockey entrant will perform for a maximum of three (3) minutes, to music provided by ILDA. This will be music "with a beat" such as techno. The music will be selected from more obscure or lesser-known songs.

The entrant will not know the music selection in advance. It will be sent as an MP3 file approximately three minutes before the entrant is scheduled to perform. The entrant will stream both the music audio and video of the laser performance.

Performances will be anonymous, so voters do not know who any of the contestants are.


All persons on the ILDA Conference stream are eligible to vote. You should have a way to take notes on each performance, either paper or on-screen note-taking.

After each performance, note a single numeric score from 0 (very poor) to 5 (best). It is up to you as to what this score represents: artistry, creativity, musicality, overall impact, etc.

After the performances are completed, you will go to an online survey or ballot form. You'll fill in your score for each person.


We tabulate the results by totaling the points for each performance. The entrants with the top three point totals are awarded First, Second and Third Place.

In case of a tie, higher placement will be given to the tied person who used fewer total laser projectors. If there is still a tie, a coin will be flipped to determine placement. This is because the trophies are already manufactured prior to the Conference. The only engraving is for First, Second and Third Place so we cannot engrave for a tie.

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Photo: Kyle Garner and Tim Walsh at the 2014 Laser Jockey competition; photo by Patrick Murphy, ILDA