1994 ILDA Awards

Presented at the November 1994 ILDA Conference in Lincoln, Nebraska. Hosted by the Mueller Planetarium, University of Nebraska.

From the 1994 ILDA Awards Ceremony Program

Judges for this year's competition:

Russell C. Clark, technical coordinator for special effects in Fiesta Texas, a theme park in San Antonio. His duties include managing a 30-watt full color laser show presented each night in the park, and he is the laser safety officer for the park. Mr. Clark has worked in the area of lighting, sound, and special effects since 1980, both as a freelancer and with Ciber-Kinetic Systems, Inc. and Spectra Light, Inc.

Tom Stephens has 28 years of experience as a designer and engineering manager of advanced instrumentation and control systems. He invented many of the precision mechanisms, radiation detectors, sensors and machine controllers which are critical enabling components of today's state of the art products in many areas, such as industrial computed tomography, radioscopy, thermal analysis, adiabatic reaction kinetics, air pollution analysis, and analytical chemistry systems. He developed the conceptual design and supervised the implementation of six major successful Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) or instrumentation system products, and was a key contributor in many more. Mr. Stephens has used lasers in a number of products and proposals, including tracking industrial X-ray sources, laser range finding and navigation of robotic devices.

Charles Oldroyd has 15 years of experience working with CAD and computer graphics systems. His current position is with the Texas Department of Transportation, where he uses his artistic talents to create visual conceptions of cases for court trials. Using Intergraph's Design Visualization System, he creates realistic 3D renderings and stills of various highway facilities for the Attorney General's office and for training classes in right of way. Mr. Oldroyd has won two awards in the Intergraph 1994 Golden Mouse Awards, a worldwide art competition sponsored by the International Intergraph Graphics Users Group. Mr. Oldroyd writes, "I have had a very rewarding 15 years in the graphics and graphic arts fields, and look forward to many more years ahead. I appreciate the opportunity you afforded me to be a judge in your laser art competition, and to gain the perspective from the 'other side of the fence'.

Videos on YouTube

The videotape compilation of 1994 winners is available on YouTube.

Also available on YouTube is a compilation showcasing interesting non-winning entries.

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