• 2020 ILDA Awards

  • 2020 ILDA Awards

Presented November 22 during the online 2020 ILDA Cloud Conference

The ILDA Awards are the laser display industry's equivalent of Hollywood's Oscars. Each year, they honor companies and individuals from around the world for their achievements. These awards were bestowed during the 2020 ILDA Cloud Conference that took place online:

     • The Artistic Awards cover virtually all aspects of modern laser displays, from the creation of individual laser graphics to the production of huge outdoor shows.

     • The Technical Awards, named for pioneering laserist Fred Fenning, honor technological achievements that advance the industry.

     • The Special Achievement Award is given for significant achievements that are not already sufficiently covered by existing ILDA Award categories. It has only been given twice in ILDA's history, in 2013 and this year in 2020.

     • The Career Achievement Award is ILDA's highest honor, given for work spanning many years in the area of show quality, innovation, and industry service.

In addition to the above Awards which are given annually, in 2020 there were two other ILDA-related contests just for 2020. The ILDA Offline and Offline-Connected contests were held in spring 2020 during the early pandemic. These gave locked-down Members something fun to do. More about these contests, and the winners, are at the ILDA Offline contest and Offline-Connected contest pages.

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Booklet with details

For more details on the winners, download the 2020 ILDA Awards booklet (PDF format). The booklet lists all winners, plus credits and a description of the work.

(Note: The version online is updated from the printed version which was mailed to ILDA Cloud Conference registrants. The version online includes winners whose names were not known in advance of printing.)


Videos of the winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd) are available on YouTube. Links are below, in the list of winners. You can also go to the ILDA YouTube playlists for all Award-winning videos or for just the 1st Place winning videos.

(Note: A few Award winners may not be at YouTube either due to copyright issues with the video music tracks, or because a photo or written text was submitted instead of a video.)

Compilation video

If you want to get a quick overview of all of the winners, below is a video compilation of the 2020 Award winners. This 45-minute video contains short 15- to 60-second excerpts from each of the 49 Award-winning entries.

For more information, visit our other ILDA websites:

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